只能用320个汉字的中文写作比赛开! 始! 了! Chinese Writing Contest

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众所周知,学习中文的难点之一是汉字数量庞大。对此,一个普遍的观点是,学中文就是要看一共学了多少个汉字,汉字学得越多越好。于是,学生之间会经常互相问: “你学了多少个汉字了?”



为了鼓励学生多读多写,位于香港的中文教育发展公司 MSL Master 连同几个志同道合的伙伴一起举办了2021年首届中文写作比赛,邀请全世界的学生使用有限的320个汉字发挥创意,进行创作,并赢取丰富的奖品。奖品包括:

  • 一套 MSL Master 的中文读写课程包
  • Du Chinese 免费使用一年
  • 两本 Mandarin Companion 出版的小说
  • Maayot 免费使用半年
  • 获奖作品由 Imagin8 Press 出版




It’s time to be creative

Learning Chinese takes people into a wonderful creative field which is full of joy and pleasant surprises.

Students toy around elements of Chinese language and create interesting conversations and great stories. It’s like playing with all those small pieces of Lego. We are only limited by our own imaginations.

This creative field should be open to students from day one.

However, the theme of learning Chinese is often dominated by the question “how many characters have you learned?” This question has led many students to focus on accumulating Chinese characters. They spend so much time and energy either to look up characters or to memorise them. But these efforts hardly bring any intoxicating sense of delight. This is unfortunate. Accumulating characters for the sake of accumulating characters does not enhance students’ learning experience, nor help them develop their Chinese skills.

The real question we should ask is “how much Chinese reading and writing have you done?” With this question, students’ focus is turned into reading for ideas and writing for creation. Amazing learning results can be achieved.

Therefore, in order to encourage students to read more and to write more, this first ever Chinese Writing Contest is launched, inviting learners of Chinese worldwide to show their creativity using 320 Chinese characters.

文字及图片来自活动主办方MSL Master

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